Every side of the Hawaiian island of Kauai offers a variety of activities. Kauai's east side is lush and features many waterfalls and hikes!

Part of Kauai's east side is known as the Royal Coconut Coast for the coconut palms that line the coast here. It used to be a playground for Hawaiian royalty in the past, hence the term "Royal."

The Wailua River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean on Kauai's east side, is popular for a boat cruise, and for kayaking. 

A combination excursion that involves kayaking the Wailua River and a rainforest hike to Secret Falls is one of the top excursions on the east side of Kauai.

The side by side twin cascades of Wailua Falls featured in the opening credits of the TV show Fantasy Island. You can drive up and see Wailua Falls from a viewing area.

The hike to the top of Nounou Mountain, also known as the Sleeping Giant, is one of Kauai's top hikes. There are a couple of routes, and the views from the top are outstanding.

Ho'opi'i Falls can be accessed via a fascinating rainforest hike on Kauai's east side. The trail features Jurassic-park like trees and vegetation.

Helicopter flights over Kauai usually take off from Lihue, on the island's east side. On a whole-island helicopter tour, you can soar over some landscapes that can't be reached from land.

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