Enjoy hiking and planning a trip to Kauai? This beautiful Hawaiian island offers a variety of hiking trails, from cliffs to coast and waterfall hikes.

Kauai's hiking trails offer the opportunity to get up close to the island's magnificent natural beauty, and observe local flora and fauna.

The most epic trail on Kauai is the Kalalau Trail, 11 miles one way and very strenuous. Your reward is the famed Kalalau Valley in the Na Pali Coast.

Day hikers can hike a part of the Kalalau Trail, even just o.5 mile each way to a viewpoint over Ke'e Beach, or two miles each way to Hanakapiai Beach.

If you are up for a longer and more. challenging day hike, Hanakapiai Falls is one of the most popular waterfall hikes on Kauai. The trail is a detour from the Kalalau Trail.

Looking for a coastal hike? The family-friendly Mahaulepu Heritage Trail on the south shore offers spectacular ocean views along an undeveloped stretch of coast. 

On Kauai's west side, the Pihea Vista Trail in Koke'e State Park is a moderate trail that offers epic views over the Kalalau Valley. Even hiking a part of the trail affords great views.

The moderate Canyon Trail to the top of Waipo'o Falls offers exceptional views of Waimea Canyon, even though you can only see the top of the 800-foot waterfall.

Koke'e State Park is a hiker's paradise, with the iconic (but challenging) Awa'awapuhi Trail offering a stunning view over the Kalalau Valley. 

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